Hatsuyuki Handroll Bar

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Fort Worth has been growing rapidly over the last few years. This growth has spread into multiple areas from the gentrification of the Fairmount neighborhood to the more recent renovation plans in store for the Stockyards. One thing is for certain, it’s that Fort Worth’s future is very bright.

In this journey into the new and unknown sometimes comes some bumps in the road. For example, it could be that the streets in West 7th are now one way and todays marks the second time that I have forgotten that luckily to a non catastrophic end. The journey into the new and unknown can also be the cause of discovering something new and truly great. Im happy to say that today I feel that I discovered something new and truly great.

Located just off Foch St in West 7th a new sushi restaurant has laid its stake into the ground of Fort Worth. Although the restaurant is new, it is being led with experience. Over 20 years of sushi experience that is. If you spent time over in Dallas discovering their sushi scene, you might recognize the own of Hatsuyuki Handroll Bar from his previous restaurant of Daan Sushi.

All of these years of traditional sushi making inspired the opening for Hatsuyuki as a traditional japanese handroll bar in the town where the west begins of Fort Worth.

In case you haven’t had a handroll before it is in its simplest form a sushi roll before it gets cut into pieces. Instead of cutting into the normal circles like you would expect it is eaten more like a burrito. The trick with these handrolls is that they need to be eaten right away and are very dependent on letting the ingredients speak for themselves.

The reason that timing is important for handrolls is due to the seaweed wrapper that is used. Whenever this seaweed is fresh it is crisp and can be bitten through with ease. Fairly quickly however the seaweed seems to have stayed the same but becomes much tougher and chewier which tends to take away from the general pleasure of the bite.

For that very reason, many restaurants avoid creating handrolls or have allowed customers to have a terrible experience with them. Hatsuyuki creates your handroll one by one to be eaten right away. They also do not allow you to get an order to go in an effort to preserve the quality of the product that they are selling.

Handrolls also tend to be very simplistic with the ingredients including only sticky rice, raw fish, sprinkle of seasoned sesame seeds and a tiny amount of ponzu or special sauce. Since there are so few ingredients, if you have some bad fish then you have ruined about 30% of your handroll. Understanding that this art is one of quality, the owner of Hatsuyuki takes a trip to the airport every morning. No not for a quick getaway before the dinner rush, but to get the freshest fish that has been flown into Fort Worth each morning. This freshness can be tasted in every bite. Thank you. Thank you Hatsuyuki for upping the authentic sushi game in Fort Worth.

hatsuyukiWhenever you arrive at Hatsuyuki you are greeted by a unique and authentic experience. At many sushi restaurants you have the options to sit at the sushi bar. At Hatsuyuki you also have that option. Only that option that is. The entire restaurant is a horseshoe shaped bar with the chefs standing in the middle ready to crank out your handrolls.

After walking through the door you proceed to the right to grab a menu and then choose your seat at the bar. On their menu you can choose which handrolls you want or select a preset menu of their favorite handrolls. I chose to go with he preset 5 handrolls for $19. Whenever you place your order on your menu, you hadn’t it over the counter and the chefs begin working on your meal.

I was there with three friends and the chefs took all of our menu’s and sent out our handrolls one by one. Yes, one by one. They would make a handroll for one of our orders and then walk over and place it in front of the first person. The work of art is meant to be consumed immediately so that the freshness is at its peak level. Trust me you do not want to let your cotillion lessons get in the way and wait for everyone to have one. Eat that bad boy right away.

Even though they were being made right away I was shocked that this was one of the quickest and most efficient lunches I have had in a long time. So if you are worried about taking a long lunch with sushi, go here and you have nothing to worry about.

Theres a chance that it might read this way due to the length of this review or even from the voice i have writing this but this is the most excited that I have been about a restaurant in a long time. I cannot properly explain how good this restaurant is and what a fun experience it is to eat here. Please go here and experience the art and care that Hatsuyuki puts into their art. Get out there and eat it Fort Worth!

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