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Malai Kitchen – Bring Thai and Brews to Clear Fork

It’s no secret that the Clear Fork area in Fort Worth is booming. The area has shopping and tons of options for great food. One of those options is Malai Kitchen which is a Thai brew pub that is settled in the back corner of clear fork on Monahans Ave. My wife and I were […]

Fort Worth BYOB

Fort Worth BYOB – Great food with no Booze Bill

thai restaurant fort worth

Best Thai restaurant Fort Worth

chef g's and sparkle creations
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Chef G’s and Sparkle Creations – Just get the catfish

Putting that title for a review makes me laugh a little bit. It kinda sounds like a 50s band. “Now welcome to the stage, Chef G’s and Sparkle Creations!” Crowd goes nuts and experiences some jazz solos that rock their world. That would be the same level of experience that would happen if this was […]

panther city bbq

Panther City BBQ – Heim is getting competition

lucky bee kitchen

Lucky Bee Kitchen – Classiest Food Truck in Fort Worth

I’m in Fort Worth and need…

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Our (Surprisingly) Favorite Margarita in Funkytown

Over here we take tequila pretty seriously. So, in turn, when we find a margarita we LOVE, we never let it go and this one packs a surprise punch. You see – we masked up the kiddos, practically (but nicely) demanded a patio seat on the river, and enjoyed a late holiday brunch at HG […]

There’s “Brunch”… and then there’s Brunch.

Sous vide Chicken Thigh and Sweet Potato Purée

french toast

Saturday Morning French Toast 101 with Whiskey Whipped Cream