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Dutch’s Revamp Is Officially Open!

dutch'sAfter waiting and waiting Dutch’s new addition is officially open for business just in time for the frogs to come back into football season. As an alumni, I am a fan of Dutch’s. The atmosphere has always been inviting and the history it brought with it made it feel like a burger joint that Dutch Meyer himself once sat at. Although that’s not true, it had that type of feel.

Dutch’s has always been a second home of sorts so I was incredibly excited about the addition that was coming. I have celebrated in the booths there and I would get through tough times with friends in those seats. Luckily, I even get to still sit at that bar because due to the remodel, Dutch’s was getting rid of their old bar and my brother picked it up so I can grab a drink at the original bar whenever (shout out to Dan!).

The new addition at Dutch’s provides the link between the original dynasty dating back to the 30s to the recent Patterson dynasty. Eat a burger with the recent legends of Andy Dalton, Jerry Hughes, or Josh Doctson.

The biggest change however is the bar upgrade that Dutch’s invested in. You can get tons of different crat beers on tap, margaritas, wine, and even liquor with your burger now. This bar has it all.

I fully approve of the new addition and enjoyed eating the same old burger in the new bar area. Get out there and eat it Fort Worth!