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Cane Rosso now serves brunch!

Cane Rosso brunchI have always really enjoyed Cane Rosso. Their pizza is incredible. Something about that dough that they have brought in it magical. Now I have something to inform people about aside from the incredible Cuban sandwich on their menu. Cane Rosso now serves brunch!

Cane Rosso provides a lot of variety in their menu to their customers where you can get anything from a breakfast pizza to a chicken biscuit to a delicious skillet! When my wife and I went, she ordered the Italian stallion skillet (pictured) while I opted for that weeks breakfast pizza. After ordering food we were able to take advantage of their drink options which include $1 dollar mimosas. That’s right. $1 mimosas. Reason enough to give their brunch a try right there.

Her Italian stallion breakfast skillet was an Italian style omelette with sausage and hot soppressata mixed into it. This protein packed breakfast was also accompanied by potatoes and a homemade biscuit. Cane Rosso’s biscuits are truly magical due in large part to the bacon marmalade. This little bit of marmalade made this biscuit fluffy, sweet, and full of chunks of bacon! You can also read that last sentence as “The bacon marmalade makes everything great.”

While the Italian stallion skillet was good, my wife and I agreed that the breakfast pizza won the dish off. The breakfast pizza has a little bit of egg on it, the bacon marmalade, three cheeses, and hot soppressata meat all over. It was delicious. While most breakfast pizzas that I have had are very heavy, this one was surprisingly light.

Cane rosso’s brunch menu is truly a thing of beauty that should be on anyone’s list to go try. We have only just discovered that they serve brunch and want to explore their menu even further! So there you have it Fort Worth. Get out there and eat!