Love Shack in the Stockyards
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An Old Stockyards Favorite – Love Shack

Love Shack in the StockyardsThis past weekend, my wife and I decided to go to the stockyard with some free time before heading out to settle Catan with some friends later on Saturday night. Even though we live in Fort Worth, my wife hadn’t properly explored the Stockyards. She got to see the shops at Stockyards Station with the homemade olive oils, spices, etc. and eventually we made it to Love Shack.

This is one of chef Tim Love’s first restaurants to become successful. This is located right across from the Stockyards hotel on E Exchange Avenue. Not only is the food very good but this location always impresses me. My wife and I placed our order for food, took our number, went to site at our table. Once we sat down, we noticed something. This entire restaurant is just an alleyway. It’s an alleyway with stairs and seating on the side and a minimal kitchen that can pump out burgers with as limited equipment as possible. I dare say that I don’t think I have seen a restaurant do more with less.

Love Shack is able to pound out great tasting burgers with the efficiency of a food truck. All while having enough space to fit lots of customers and even have a stage in the back for entertainment to drive people in! After nerding out over the location efficiency, we got our food and were able to devour our “snack” of a Kraut Dog and onion rings. It was a snack because we shared those things. I say that so that I can feel better about my own eating habits/portion control. Regardless, the food tasted great. The hot dog was awesome and the kraut on top was a nice touch. The onion rings were incredible. The only bad thing about them were that they left my wife and I with a genuine sadness when we reached our hands into the bag and only felt crumbs.

If you do go here, be sure to try the love burger. A long time ago, when I worked in the Stock Exchange building, I frequented the Love Shack. This burger introduced me to the idea of having fried eggs on burgers. I always have respect for my original.

So there you have it Fort Worth! Get out there and eat!