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Surprises to Get at These Restaurants

cane rossoLiving in Fort Worth we are blessed to have a ton of different food options. We have great restaurants to choose from for any food craving that you may have. In fact there are some times that you can go to an unlikely place to find something delicious. This post is dedicated to the best surprises at restaurants. I would like to take the time to honor these surprise choices!

Cuban Sandwich at Cane Rosso

Cane Rosso came from Dallas to make its home in Fort Worth on Magnolia Avenue. If you go there for the first time they wow you with the story of their pizzas. They come from a brick oven and they get the dough special from somewhere in Europe. This is great but i recommend you taste this dough by ordering the Cuban Sandwich. Their cuban sandwich is made with that same dough, pulled pork, mustard, and homemade horseradish pickles and served with a side salad. This sandwich is beyond incredible as well as huge. Occasionally my wife and I go here and split this sandwich because it is so large when we want a cheap meal out. This makes Cane Rosso continually at the top of the list when it comes to surprise dishes.

Mexican Panga/Burgers at Chimy’s

Chimy’s has long since been a staple of Fort Worth for their cheap margarita’s. The happy hour margarita prices are seriously incredible. In addition to that, everyone just thinks of them as a great place to get some cheap Mexican food. While they do that, I recommend giving their sandwiches a try. Their burgers are VERY good but I recommend the Mexican Panga. Flattened grilled chicken breast topped with grilled peppers and onions and melted pepper jack cheese which is placed on top of a jalapeño bun and served with waffle fries. Chicken isn’t dry and this just ends up being a real treat.

Pizza at Shinjuku Station

With all of the sushi at shinjuku it’s hard to vary off but we finally gave the pizza a try here. Made with porkbelly and cabbage, this pizza also includes katsuobushi which is dried and fermented tuna. When this dried fish is on the warm pizza it begins to move! It is the craziest thing to see so it is quite the experience and then you taste it and the porkbelly and dried fish actually go together quite nicely.

Key Lime Pie at The Dive

I don’t know if this is necessarily a surprise that a dessert is good but it sure is worth mentioning. The Dive has long been a favorite of mine for their incredible seafood. One other favorite is the Key Lime Pie that you can order for dessert. This super fresh dessert ends up being the perfect ending to a meal that I normally go very heavy with my my choice of fried fish. This is another item that comes out with a very large portion size that is good for sharing. Unless you REALLY like pie.

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