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A long time ago, the Italians gave the world a gift through pasta that has done some incredible work to unite people through delicious tastes. Many of the top chefs in the world have made their mark on the culinary world by devoting their research to creating delicious pasta works of art. Luckily some of those artists live in Fort Worth.

Nonna Tata

Nonna TataNonna Tata is a tiny little restaurant located on Magnolia which provides the most authentic taste of Europe that you will get without a long plane ride. So authentic in fact that the owners of Nonna Tata take vacations in order to go back over to Europe and take a tour around learning new food recipes to bring back with them. Thank god there’s nothing to check through customs in regards to delicious recipes being brought back. When you go to dine here, it is BYOB so remember to bring your own bottle of wine to accompany your dinner. They do charge if you need glasses for the meal so I recommend bringing that as well.

As far as pasta goes, I don’t know if I have ever had better gnocchi than here at Nonna Tata. ┬áIt is creamy and soft and everything that you would ever want it to be. I highly recommend that dish, although the great part is that you can’t go wrong with anything here.


Piola’s is also a great restaurant that is hidden amongst a neighborhood and UNT Health Science Center. This restaurant blends in with the neighborhood, but once you try the food this restaurant will always stand out to you. This restaurant has a very deceitfully awesome patio from its look on the outside. So provided that the Texas heat isn’t too much, I recommend that you take advantage of the outdoor area. Otherwise just enjoy the pasta. While this Italian restaurant is so much more than just it’s pasta, the pasta is amazingly good. I am a sucker for their lasagna as well as their lemon chicken. I have a soft spot for this place as this was the first date I took my now wife on. Not saying every first date will end happily. Just saying that mine did.


Bravo! is a very good Italian restaurant located off of Hulen. While I wouldn’t say that they are the best, their happy hour is a deal that can get anyone excited. Through their happy hour menu, you can taste their pasta, get a couple drinks for you and a friend, and leave under $30. Pretty great for two people and alcohol.


Taverna is another great Italian restaurant with a phenomenal happy hour special. Located in downtown this location can get quite full quite fast for happy hour so beware. After happy hour you can stay to enjoy the incredible pasta dishes. While the entrees can be more expensive, you will not leave hungry.