Americado - Fort Worth's latest Mexican restaurant
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Americado – Berry Street’s Little taste of Mexico

Americado - Fort Worth's latest Mexican restaurantAfter a long while of construction with a decent bit of secrecy, the secret is out. Americado is finally open to the public. I have a feeling trying to get their doors open with enough time for Cinco de Mayo was definitely on their minds.

Americado brings a taste of Mexican street vendors to Fort Worth by creating a food court type feel with some authentically Mexican cuisine. The owner aimed to create a restaurant that honored the street food of Mexico in Fort Worth. Not to mention they have high aspirations for their goal. Americado is the first of two restaurants in sights for the Panther City. While this first restaurant operates in a food court style, the second will be opening up on Magnolia with table service.

Americado brings in quite the feel whenever you walk through the door. Immediately you are met with a unique dining experience. There are four stations at the restaurant that operate in a separate but connected manner.

The first station is a a full service bar. This bar can serve you anything from margaritas to cervezas. The next three stations are all food stations. These food stations have similar offerings but different meats that they offer. One station specializes in seafood. Another specializes in pastor/steak dishes. While the last station can deliver you pollo (chicken) to your hearts desire.

Everyone of these stations provides you with homemade options as well as sides to accompany your entrees. My wife and I went with the street corn and the beans for our meals. We both chose different stations to order from. I went with the alambre (steak, sautéed onions and peppers, and cheesy goodness) and my wife chose the shrimp quesadilla.

All of our items came out and one thing was very apparent. Everything was INCREDIBLY fresh. The taste of the food was very crisp. The entrées truly allowed the ingredients to speak for themselves. This was incredibly appreciated. Probably the most refreshing thing that we received was the Mexican street corn. It was delicious without being overly creamy which tends to happen with a a lot of Mexican street corn in my experience.

Overall the restaurant definitely got our vote for quality. You will not be disappointed with the taste of the food that you receive here. While the taste is incredible it is worth noting that Americado will not fit into everyone’s budget. We put much more into our dining out budget for the purpose of this blog as well as the date nights that it creates. This is not the case for everyone. I have also heard reviews that some believe it is a bit expensive. I say this to help set expectations. Taste-wise, Americado will not disappoint.

So there you have it Fort Worth. Get out there and eat!