(817) 737-8111
4601 West Fwy Fort Worth Tx 76107



This place is delicious. It has everything that you could possibly want. Pad thai, drunken noodles, pretty much the works. You will not be disappointed with any choice. But if you want my opinion (which since you are reading this I assume that in some way you do) go for the Kao Soy.

Its a coconut noodle dish with chicken pieces. Enjoy the noodles and chicken and then once you are done with it, enjoy the broth. Then I will expect a postcard from heaven. Im a sucker for coconut milk and curry broth and this restaurant goes above and beyond.

If you go here and some how find yourself with room in your stomach, you can always order something off the menu. OR you can use my recommendation and utilize the Central Market that is in the same shopping center. Go there and get some nice chocolate, bottle of wine, or even a growler of beer (my personal preference) to complement your thai meal.

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