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Ascension made the move. This Dallas-originated spot is spreading in to Cowtown. They had their “friends and family” Soft Opening this past weekend in Westbend near our house so naturally we packed up the laptops, virtual school paperwork, and our oldest kiddo to head on over to check it out.

Not only do they have a stunning spot on the river that you can see as you drive by the zoo, but the inside of this coffee spot/restaurant is cozy as can be. I kid you not when I say that you will probably find me here typing away on my iPad on a weekly basis.

The nice thing about Ascension is the fact that it’s just as easy to sit and order as it is to take it to-go. Because we had laptops in hand and schoolwork to complete, we opted to dine in and I’m so grateful we did because our waitress guided us through the most delicious parts of the menu.

The coffee cups are tilted a bit and I’m totally here for it.

First let’s talk coffee.

Y’all. Ascension gets coffee. Their Pour Overs are what espresso bean dreams are made of. They even get some of the beans at Auction so the Pour Over options tend to be pretty rare and once they’re gone they’re gone. They described the Pour Over options as “similar to fine wine” and y’all, it’s a game changer. Our waitress let us know their Pumpkin coffee, Chai latte, and Tumeric drink are all noteworthy. Also, all of the syrups are made in house and you can definitely taste the difference. They consider their spot a “farm to coffee” kind of place.

He got a Mocha and a Pour Over, I got a Cafe Au Lait and an Iced Vanilla Latte, and she got a Hot Chocolate. Needless to say, we are all buzzing so prepare for this post to get longer because MAMA IS MOTIVATED. Two coffees in and I feel like I can tackle the world.

Once I got my girl set up with her school work, we began to go through the menu. Y’all. Toasts, Benedict, omelettes, Sammies, salads, bowls, meatballs. You name it, they have it. And it truly all looks good.

Now we claimed we “weren’t super hungry” so we ordered the bagel with cream cheese, The Original Avocado Toast, the Ricotta + Jam, the Pane Aria Benedict, and Coffee Cake. I’m giggling even typing this because we ordered SO. MUCH. FOOD.

The Browned Butter Hollandaise made this dish.

The Pane Aria Benedict is described as having Black Forest ham, Swiss cheese, Roma tomato, poached eggs, brown butter hollandaise, lemony micro greens, and sweet potato-yukon hash. Yep. Brown Butter Hollandaise. The browned butter makes the hollandaise sauce thicker and richer which made this dish pretty stinkin’ delicious.

The Original Avocado Toast with Poached Eggs

Now I have yet to meet an Avocado Toast I don’t like but this one I really, really loved. I’m a cilantro person so the fact that the top is covered in fresh cilantro made my San Antonio heart sing for joy. I will say though, I feel Ike the universe is split in half when it comes to cilantro. It’s truly a love or hate relationship with not much wiggle room in the middle. My advice, if cilantro isn’t your jam, order something different. If you are on Team Cilantro, read on. The lemon hint to this dish made it so refreshing and the thick multigrain bread/poached eggs allowed truly filled me up. I kept saying I was full but then also kept taking bites.

The taste of the Coffee Cake was so yummy and I’ll be back for the ‘Cruffin’

This was my kind of Friday. For the next hour we sat in a corner booth all completing whatever work each of us needed to catch up on. Our big girl completed all of her work with a hot chocolate in hand and cream cheese from her bagel smeared all over her face. I wouldn’t of had it any other way and can’t wait to come back.

Also. PSA. There’s something called an Espresso “Cruffin” worth returning for. It’s described as if a croissant and a muffin had a baby and you know, I’m all about trying it. And I’ll probably sit myself right here…

How cozy is this river view?!? I’ve already texted my girlfriends and told me they can find me right here.

So there you have it folks. Get out there and eat!

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