Fall weather is quickly approaching and the cool (ish) air was too beautiful to pass up so we set out to find a delicious dinner with the full understanding that most places would be full of reservations.

Enter Wishbone & Flynt.

Now, don’t get me wrong. They were full of reservations. But they made it work and fit us in at a socially distanced patio table where the breeze was just right for our random Friday Near Southside outing. We settled right in and relaxed immediately.

The details on each cocktail make you immediately feel like you’ve stepped in to

Let’s start with cocktails. Our crew each likes something different so we started with their Bloody Mary (the mix that they make fresh each day is truly outstanding by the way and they absolutely do not mind sharing the recipe!), a bubbly peach nectar cocktail, and an Old Fashioned. The drinks were each outstanding but it’s the details that made the experience for us. The Bloody Mary was made to specific requests (the spicier the better), the peach cocktail was topped with the most beautiful orchid, and the Wishbone & Flynt branded ice cube made us each swoon.

The ice cube was the perfect size and was branded with a Wishbone & Flynt mark.

Our waitress, Taylor, knew every detail of the food and batted 1000% our entire meal so we let her pick her favorites as our two appetizers. We tried the Smoked Redfish Eggrolls (yes, it’s a real thing, was completely different, and tasted delicious) as well as the PB&J Wings off of their Summer Dinner Menu. Let me tell you two ingredients that caught our eye and you can decide for yourself your thoughts:

  1. Sriracha honey (on the eggrolls)
  2. Thai Peanut Sauce (on the wings)

The flavors were delicious on both and as soon as they handed me a moist, warm towel to clean my fingers from chicken wings I had already melted in to my chair. Chef Stefon certain knows how to run a restaurant.

By this point we were truly full but not ready to stop our evening so upon ordering a Prisoner Cabernet, we each set to order our entrees. The kiddos split a kid’s cheeseburger and macaroni & cheese, my husband ordered the Butcher Cut Special, my dad ordered the Pan Seared Diver Scallops, and I ordered the Roasted Half of Chicken.

Now I can personally attest to three things. First, everyone ate their entire meal. Second, the kid’s meal looked like something even an adult would appreciate – kids get the best stuff. And finally, the Roasted Chicken was something I’ll crave in the weeks to come.

Think about it, you order chicken at a restaurant and you assume it is one of their basic, but not great dishes, right? WRONG at Wishbone & Flynt.

The seasonings on this chicken are under the crispiest skin that is cooked to perfection. The chicken is served with a side of delicious swiss chard and all is placed on top of mushroom risotto. What I found so fun about this dish was that there was an entire circle of broth around the entree as it arrived but as I continued to eat, the risotto and chicken soaked in every single drop of it, causing the meal the literally only get better and more flavorful the more I ate of it.

The Roasted Chicken with Swiss Chard and Mushroom Risotto

One other bottle of Prisoner Cab later we felt frisky enough to add a dessert to our meal. Add in that the kids started to get sleepy and a sugar high was necessary to avoid meltdowns so one dessert quickly became two. We tried the Cinnamon Crumble Banana Pudding and Peanut Butter Cheesecake. Now, I am not a Banana Pudding fan typically, but the cinnamon crumble add-on was absolutely delicious and the perfect finish to our meal. This is truly the perfect “cheat” dish to indulge in to start the weekend off right.

Yes. I’ll admit it. By the end of our meal we basically ordered the entire menu. We are not disappointed or sad about it one stinking bit but my pants are a tad tighter now.

And Chef Stefon, the second it’s sweater weather, you better believe I’ll be back to try the Lobster Mac & Cheese.

There you have it Fort Worth!

Get out there and eat ( good, fresh, delicious, creative) local!

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