Our (Surprisingly) Favorite Margarita in Funkytown

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Over here we take tequila pretty seriously.

So, in turn, when we find a margarita we LOVE, we never let it go and this one packs a surprise punch.

You see – we masked up the kiddos, practically (but nicely) demanded a patio seat on the river, and enjoyed a late holiday brunch at HG Sply Co.

Our smallest resilient one doesn’t mind his mask one bit.

The patio room at HG Sply Co is truly unreal and the food is fresh as can be. As soon as we were seated the kids were brought carrots/apple slices and as parents, we naturally (and quickly) ordered our margaritas. Now, let me tell you. I’m a self-proclaimed, on-the-rocks margarita kind of girl. I just don’t see the point of freezing the whole thing but HG’s Double Under Margarita is my exception to the rule.

Let me also break some news. This Double Under Margarita is filled with beet-infused tequila, Cointreau, rosemary, turbinado, and lime.

I’M SORRY. BEET you say?!?!

Beet. I’m serious. You ‘beet’er believe it. And I’m not a beet person.

The HG Sply Co Double Under Beet Margarita

My main thoughts:

This margarita makes you (almost) forget crazy heat outside. It’s that beautifully cold.

The color! This thing is beautiful!

It gives you the warm fuzzies you’d expect out of a top notch margarita.

And to refer back to the beets, I don’t taste them. I just taste deliciousness.

This is that kind of margarita that’s not too sweet while also not too sour/acidic.

Fresh ingredients. They matter and they taste different. The proof is in the pudding here.

It has just the right amount of tequila that does the trick but doesn’t hurt later.

AND did I mention it’s so dang cold?!? Check below! My kids love to draw pictures in the frost on the outside of the glass when we sit outside.

When you order the Double Under Frozen it is ALWAYS this cold.

Let me not skip over the fact that this was our first visit to HG Sply Co for Brunch and holy moly. We left full but also felt grateful that we hadn’t broken the calorie bank. Both my husband and I ordered the Chicken Fried Chicken.

Chicken Friend Chicken Brunch with two Sunny Side Up Eggs

The gravy, arugula salad, and sweet potato hash made this two-egg, fried chicken goodness exactly what we both needed for a late lunch. For the kiddos we ordered (to split) their usual kid’s chicken breast plate that is served with fresh broccoli and sweet potato hash. Now our kids don’t love sweet potatoes so we swapped those for plain ol’ French Fries. Considering they both still ate the entirety of their broccoli, I feel it was an even trade.

Towards the end of the meal, I finished my first Double Under Margarita and wasn’t about to stop there so I ordered one more with some well-timed homemade gelato for dessert for the kids. Let’s just say by this point the entire family was having a relaxing blast of fun on the patio…including entirely worth it brain freezes for mom.

So there you have it Fort Worth!

The best margarita (in our opinion). I’ll happily continue to research.

Get out there and (drink) it!

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