Ben’s Triple B – Fort Worth’s Latest Burger Contender

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I am a fan of burgers. Always have been and always will be. Anytime a burger place opens up I am intrigued to try it out, but not all burger joint rise to the occasion. I’m happy to say that Ben’s Triple B rose to the occasion.

Fort Worth has had a pretty competitive arena when it comes to burgers but there is a new competitor to spice things up. Chef Ben Merrit might be a name that you have heard before if you have been to Fixture. This more relaxed restaurant is aimed at the college kids it is near.

Fort Worth Eats - Ben’s Triple BLocated across the street from Texas Wesleyan University on the corner of Rosedale and Wesleyan, Ben’s Triple B is located in a redone old brick building. The way that they kept the character of the building really brings out the homey feel to the place. Despite it being my first time, I felt very at home. Something felt familiar and I think it was just the warm and friendly staff with the no frills attitude of being your alma maters burger joint.

The menu at Ben’s is simple. You can either get biscuits or burgers. For an affordable price point at that. You can get a burger or biscuit and three beers for $20.

The biscuits range from concoctions such as the Sweet Chick (which is a honey butter chicken biscuit on steroids) to a Buffalo Chick (fairly self explanatory) to the Dirty B (chicken fried steak with Chile con carne and queso). You can find your favorite to keep you fat and happy!

Although the biscuits are truly unique, in my opinion it was the burgers that stole the show. While not quite the prettiest to look at, the burgers were delicious. Perhaps it’s the kolache buns from Pearl Snap Kolaches that were on the burgers. That at least really helped but the burgers are just plain good. They have options for burgers from the Fun Guy burger (sautéed mushrooms and Swiss cheese) to the Vaquero burger (chorizo grilled onions, pepper jack cheese, and jalapeños) for those who want a little bit of spice.

In addition to the incredible fresh made burgers and biscuits, they also have their last “B”, the brews. They have a great selection of quality beers that go well with burgers. There are domestic options for those who prefer that but also quite the craft selection which even featured a tap from one of Fort Worth’s newest breweries, Cowtown Brewery. I happened to get the Cowtown Kolsch and it was a great pairing with the flavors from the burger.

These three B’s are enough to keep me satisfied and heading back to try more. You can be sure to find me here quite often.

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