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New Taqueria Brings Austin Vibes to Fort Worth

Did Fort Worth really need another taqueria? It would be pretty hard to argue that the one cuisine lacking in town is Mexican. Are we upset that Austin City Taco has entered the scene? Not at all.

The new concept located on University Drive just north of West 7th features a menu designed by Magdalena’s Chef Juan Rodriguez. His, and owner Cameron Powell’s, goals are to bring a little bit of the world-renowned Austin, TX vibe to Fort Worth. It’s accomplished with a comfortable counter-serve environment and a large variety of tacos.

The key element from Central Texas is the 12-hour smoked brisket, seasoned in the classic style: nothing but salt and pepper. The brisket stars in 5 of the 20 tacos, most notably in the instant hangover cure “Midnight Craving.” Chef Juan says you’ll crave it at midnight, and it will be the first thing on your mind when you wake up in the morning (or the afternoon, breakfast tacos are served all day).

Austin City TacosWe also tried the Al Pastor which does a brilliant job balancing marinated grilled pork, pineapple, and of course onion and cilantro. Simple but delicious hot sauces complement all the tacos very nicely. I particularly enjoyed the jalepeño and the not-too-spicy habañero.

One important note – Austin City Taco is open to feedback. Not one week after opening, they increased portion sizes to better align with prices (tacos range from $2.95 for the bacon and egg breakfast taco to $5.95 for the brisket-heavy Smokehouse).

You have many other taco shops to choose from in Fort Worth, and it’s hard to go wrong. As for me? I’m adding Austin City Taco to the regular rotation.