Fat Shack – TCUs latest indulgence

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A new player has entered into the late night options of Fort Worth. I need to warn you though, you need to buckle up for this one. You might recognize the Fat Shack logo as you drive down berry when you are in the TCU area from Shark Tank. Recently they struck a deal with Mark Cuban to help grow their beastly restaurant all across America.

These restaurants specialize in sandwiches that, as their name suggests, do not help you on your keto diet. These sandwiches are monstrosities in the best sense of that review. Imagine your favorite bar foods and then put them in one sandwich.

Their signature sandwich contains a massive list of items in between its bread. Every Fat Shack has:
-French fries
-Chicken Tenders
-Onion Rings
-Mozzarella Sticks
-Jalapeno Poppers
-Plus your choice of sauce to help add to the luxury

Meeting up with owner Ronnie Davis, I was able to watch him make this sandwich. The toughest part of the process for him was simply closing the sandwich with all of these ingredients. Once he was able to, getting it wrapped up tight he passed me the basket that felt like it weighed a ton.

This sandwich is no joke. Its intense and its flavor is as bold as it’s recipe. You will want to go back for more. If this were available when I was at TCU, I would be there all the time to tie off a fun night out and to put a massive night cap on a late night of studying.

Although the incredible sandwiches are really what brings in the crowds at Fat Shack, they have more than just these sandwiches. They also serve up burgers which you can stacked up to three high. I was told by Ronnie that I need to go back specifically for the burger so that will be next on my list.

In addition to the super savory entrees, you can also get incredible desserts such as their funnel cake fried oreos in case you needed another thing to toss into your stomach. If you haven’t tried fried oreos yet, don’t knock it till you try it. I was shocked at how much i enjoyed them.

One last little detail that I urge you to take advantage of is their fry anything special. Whether you want some help just frying a normal item, you can bring it to fat shack and they will help you fry it in their commercial fryer. From speaking to the owners they will allow anything. Anything except for gummy worms that is. Which like all great specific rules, exist for a reason which you should ask them to hear the story.

Fat Shack is overall an incredibly delicious spot to make your stomach truly happy. Its over the top and one hell of an experience. If that wasn’t enough to get you to stop in, it’s also just a truly friendly environment where everyone is super nice and genuine. Im very happy to have Fat Shack here and I really hope that you, Fort Worth, help them to make this home permanent for years to come.

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