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Carshon’s Deli – Real Kosher Deli in Fort Worth

Growing up I never thought I was a picky eater. Looking back on all of my decisions in regards to my diet however, boy was I wrong. I’m sorry mom and dad. I was indeed a picky eater.

Some things I have let go of in search of discovering the tastes that I have missed. I now understand that mushrooms are incredible. They are flavor sponges fulfilling the promise of tofu. Some have not faded. For instance cucumbers I still hate. If you like them I’m sorry. You will not read any positive remarks about them or anything containing them on FortWorthEats.

One thy has changed has been due to places like Carshon’s Deli. I used to had cold meat sandwiches. Now I realize it’s because I don’t like normal deli meat. But REAL deli meat is incredible. I’m talking Jewish kosher deli meat like what you would get from Katz’ in New York.

That quality is what Carshon’s serves up everyday. Thanks to my dad I learned about this place and tell people about how incredible it is. My dad brought me one of these sandwiches to my graduation it is that good.

This place is very unassuming and extremely plain on the inside but the food is incredible. My personal favorite sandwich is the Rebecca.

Fresh pastrami, egg bread, cream cheese, and then smoked turkey in between more toasted egg bread. The cure on the pastrami is incredible and the egg bread soaks up the flavor to make this sandwich.

Although I have tried many others and have been very happy with all of them, the Rebecca remains my personal favorite. If you are looking for a great sandwich, this is where you find it in Fort Worth!

So there you have it Fort Worth! Get out there and eat it!