FOUR Sisters – Authentic Vietnamese in Fort Worth

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Located on Main st. a new take of Vietnam has now made home in Fort Worth. From Executive chef Tuan Pham is bringing his talent and story to his new restaurant.

The name comes from his family. As you might have guessed, Tuan has four sisters. Two older and two younger. In his family, Tuan always enjoyed helping his mom out with the cooking which inspired his love to cook by watching his moms passion and attention to detail when it comes to food. Not to mention the delicious smells that accompanied the end product.

If you enjoy asian style food in Fort Worth, you might recognize Tuan from his previous work at Shinjuku Station and Tokyo Cafe. Tuan’s experience is guiding him to make this restaurant a true success. taking the knowledge from earning his way up to a sous chef, he takes on his latest venture.

The great part about the atmosphere at FOUR Sisters is that you can feel that Tuan wants it to be a family restaurant. Cooking and dining is always a family activity and his words, the whole point of the restaurant is to make the family larger. This doesnt mean that you will get fat at Tuan’s new restaurant. You are meant to add new member to your family here. You are supposed to bond with your loved ones and those around you as you share a culinary experience.

This influences the taste because of the experiences Tuan brings. He went and toured all around Vietname to make sure that everything is authentic and exactly as it would be in Vietnamese villages. To do this he makes his own noodles for pho. He grinds out his own spices for the pho and other dishes. Tuan takes the time to make these dishes how they are intended to be made.

four sistersI was blessed to share this culinary experience with my dad. In going here we decided to truly take as much of it in as we can. We started out with an order of the duck confit bao, the fired egg rolls, and the chicken wings. Yes, we “started out” with those. Don’t judge us.

Out of the three, the egg rolls were good but the bao and the wings were another level. The bao was an interesting taste on the traditional Chinese BBQ flavor that I know and love. This was a different meat and different sauce with it. But I have to say i truly enjoyed my unique experience. I dont know if this one was truly authentic or just a Tuan special but it was incredible. The next was the chicken wings which I will be dreaming about yet again tonight. These wings were fried perfectly to have a SUPER crispy outside but incredible juicy interior. I’d recommend them to anyone going there.

four sistersSince it is a vietnamese restaurant, my dad and I both felt it was necessary to get the pho. Especially since Tuan makes his own noodles and spices. And boy howdy did it show. I can confidently say I have a favorite pho in Fort Worth now. You can taste the effort and the homemade qualities in this soup. Especially with the colder weather coming up, I will be heading back for more of this pho soon.

FOUR Sisters left me craving more and more of their menu despite all of the warning signs from my stomach that I cannot handle another breath. I love to leave restaurants like this. Feeling like I cant wait to get back but cant handle another bite in the moment. Especially since Tuan told me his favorite is the crab fried rice and I have yet to have that.

So there you have it Fort Worth! Get out there and eat it!

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