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Located on Crockett Row, a new behemoth has opened that is ready to provide an incredible eating experience to the city where the west begins. Fort Worth Food Hall is a concept that brings in multiple different restaurants under a single roof to allow for everyone to get everything that they wanted.

The concept of a communal area where you can try everything is as old as the human race itself. Food Halls date back to even before Roman or Greek times. It was an area where everyone gathered to enjoy what they loved no matter what that was. Fort Worth Food Hall is bringing back that concept. Instead of being limited to a single menu and type of food, you can enjoy a lunch with your friends even though you want a burger, your friend Karen wants poke, and Deborah just has to have that shwarma wrap. Gone are the days where you have to separate just due to the differing tastes.

This idea is not new even in recent times and this Fort Worth Food Hall comes with the experience of New York’s top Food Hall. Due to the success in New York many different cities have pitched the idea to expand and luckily Fort Worth was identified as a great city to expand to. I explain this to you to reinforce that clearly the brains behind this have great taste. In an out of the ordinary move, the Fort Worth Food hall is the precursor to the upcoming Dallas Food Hall. Great choice on focusing on Fort Worth!

Visiting this Food Hall brings in top chefs and budding chefs!

Abe Froman’s of Fort Worth – Chef Victor Villarreal

Whatever you do, get their namesake pizza. Their signature pie with sausage meatball-stuffed crust, ricotta, pear relish topped with more sausage. The ricotta is homemade and the sausage comes from a recipe that is inspired from Abe’s ancestors (half Polish sausage/ half German sausage). You wont be sorry with this choice!

Aina Poke Co. – Chef Kevin Nguyen Ho

Poke bowls have finally made it out of Hawaii and luckily for Fort Worth, there is a place to go for Poke bowls now! Aina is run by multiple people, all of which bring previous poke experience to the table to make a great meal for you!

Butler’s Cabinet – Chef Joahua Harmon

This sandwich shoppe gives you truly unique sandwiches and options that are sure to please your palate and give you a unique flavor journey.

fort worth food hall - eloteEB2 – Chef Justin Box

Fort Worth’s best place to get elote. This section of the Food Hall offers up Mexican Street Corn bowls with locally sourced vegetables and fresh homemade mayonnaise to give your taste buds a little fiesta in your mouth. Not to mention that it is called EB2 in an attempt to allude to their social benefit of helping to give immigrating families their work visa. If you go here, go for the elote with the homemade smoked chicken. the chicken is delicious and you can taste and smell the smoke on it.

Gigi’s Cupcakes

Since there is so much savory at the food hall, you can get your sweet fix from Gigi’s cupcakes! No matter what your favorite flavor is, you are sure to find it here!

Knife Burger & Bar – Chef John Tesar

This place comes with high expectations as the chef earned the title of top burger in Texas and #6 best burger in America! At the Fort Worth Food Hall you can get your hands on it!

Not Just Q – Chef David Hawthorne

Kansas city style inspired BBQ come to Fort Worth! You can get anything here from appetizers of bbq covered french fries to just plain cuts of meat. I recommend the pulled pork and the brisket but ask for the burnt end pieces of the brisket. They are delightful!

fort worth food hall - chicken and wafflesPress Waffle Co. – Chefs Caleb & Brian Lewis

I am a sucker for chicken and waffles. Perfect blend of sweet and savory. This place does chicken and waffles proud with a delicious waffles and absolutely beautiful presentation! I was already impressed but am even more intrigued hearing that the chicken and waffles gets beaten out by the monte cristo!

Rowlin’ N Bowlin’ – Chefs Sophia Karbowski & Austin Patry

For those who want healthy and tasty you can like acai and pitaya bowls. Your can eat great and feel great!

Shawarma Bar – Chef Yasar Khalaf

THANK GOD FORT WORTH FINALLY HAS A GREAT SHAWARMA PLACE. I have had the pleasure and blessing of being able to travel internationally and whenever I get home from Europe I am always amazed about how many shawarma places exist internationally. I would like to say they are equally amazed at how often they see me on my traveling schedule. BUT I never get it when I get back until now. Now we finally have a truly great taste of shawarma!

The Dock – Brett Curtis

This food truck has taken its first steps beyond the four wheels to bring Fort Worthians the East Coast style menu of incredible lobster rolls, soups, and salads!

Val’s Cheesecake

This cheesecake stall is delicious. Poor stall made the mistake of offering free sample when I was there. Which actually worked in their favor because after taking two free samples I also left with a cheesecake. So all in all point Val’s. Definitely worth the visit to snag a cheesecake to either scarf down on the spot or store in your fridge for a midnight snack (which is at least how when I eat the most cheesecake).


The Fort Worth Food Hall is goign to be a consistent go to for my wife and I. I am confident in saying that it will be an incredible choice for anyone no matter what your preferences are!

So there you have it Fort Worth! Get out there and eat it!

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