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The weather is changing. And being in Texas it means that every other day we are in a new season. More and more those days are becoming winter and that is time for comfort food and rise Fort Worth has got you covered!

rise Fort Worthrise No. 3 is the latest of a successful chain of soufflé restaurants that originated over in Dallas. These restaurants were designed with intention to be just as appealing to your eyes and and as welcoming as their food is tasty. The restaurants all have a french country side environment on the inside that makes you feel at home. The interior is very unique and is a true experience. Complete with white trees growing inside and very homey cutlery and napkins, you immediately want to sit and stay a while. Which is EXACTLY the feeling that the owners want you to have.

rise Fort Worth is made to be a place to experience and to experience slow. You are meant to take it all in and take the time to appreciate things to their fullest. the first experience at rise definitely starts with the cheese cart. i had cheeses from France, from Wisconsin, from Texas, from Ireland, and had options from everywhere in between. This global cheese plate was an incredible way to transport to another area and experience a craftsmanship that is shared worldwide.

Not to get too cheesy (pun TOTALLY intended because im working on my dad jokes) but seeing this shared craftsmanship executed in different ways is always fascinating to me. It makes the human experience feel more connected and while accenting the uniqueness of every culture. Irish cheese was softer and had streaks of brown from the Guinness it was aged in while the French/Wisconsin cheeses were harder with little bit of crystals in them that were developed from the long aging process. So many different styles of the same foods to accent different flavor profiles from creamy to lightly acidic. It truly is an experience.

After the cheese cart, you have to look forward to the souffle’s. rise Fort Worth takes on the hardest recipe known to man and exclusively makes them. I have always known souffle to be an incredible tough to master and VERY finicky dish. If you add too much of something its ruined. If you add to little its ruined. If you cook it too long its ruined. I am just learning how to cook and I like recipes where you still have a chance to save it if you screw it up. rise just takes it on without any regard to failure.

They do this in multiple different ways. Some in very unconventional senses. One of the more popular creations that they have is their marshmallow soup. I know its sounds weird but I can assure you there are zero marshmallows involved in this soup. But rise has gotten so good at souffles that they can use smaller molds to create mini souffles that look exactly like marshmallows to float in a tomato and carrot bisque. Its even better than a crouton but not as overpowering as some cheeses can be. If you try rise out, this has to be on your list.

The dinner souffles from rise are incredible. I had a duck souffle that tasted like thanksgiving in a tiny souffle dish. The souffles are always so fluffy and cheesy that it’s almost hard to eat them fast. That may sound counter intuitive but stick with me. I normally blow through my meals with a speed that is normally reserved for shark week. But at rise everything seems to move a little bit slower. These souffle’s are so good that I feel an obligation to the food gods to take my time and try to dissect the flavors in every bite. Especially during the winter time, these warm and fluffy dinners just hit the spot.

I really urge you to please run and not walk down to rise Fort Worth at Clearfork. You will never regret it. So there you have it Fort Worth! Get you there and eat it!

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