Fort Worth Patios – Take In This Prime Weather

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Dear lord, has everyone gone outside? If you haven’t there’s still time. Run outside. WAIT! Preferably grab a beer or glass of wine. Ok, now go! But come back!

That’s nice right? I know! It feels so good! It’s like you forgot how to do anything else but summer and you are outside actually feeling chilly because you are inadequately prepared for that breeze. But since it is so nice, it is truly important to make sure that you are outside enough to truly enjoy this new cool weather and that means that you need to find the places with the best outdoor patios according to whatever you are craving. Here is a breakout of some of Fort Worth Patios.


Woodshed – This is a little obvious of one but none the less needs to be said. The hard part about this restaurant is that with the weather being nice, it’s at the top of EVERYONES list. So chances are it will be packed at all times. Good job Tim Love. You will be making money hand over fist with this great weather.

Panther City BBQ – This one is not as well known. If you are a consistent reader of FortWorthEats (please post a comment on social media if you are!) then you will know that I am already a fan of this BBQ. But since its incredible outside, this BBQ also comes with an incredible outdoor area to truly take advantage of the weather. Not to mention the drinks you can get from Republic St. Bar.

fort worth patiosItalian

Piola’s – One of the most underrated Fort Worth patios, Piola’s is an incredible Italian restaurant in Fort Worth with a beautiful garden patio. The great part about this patio is that it is completely covered. You can get the fresh air of being outside with the lovely garden views of their patio while being completely shaded from intense sun.

Nonna Tata – Nonna Tata is no stranger to anyone who loves Italian in Fort Worth (or at least it shouldn’t be). This restaurant has probably the most truly authentically home cooked tastes of any restaurant in Fort Worth. It helps in times like this that about 2/3 of their seating is all outside. So it makes it better to bring your own bottle of wine to sit outside at Nonna Tata.


Dutchs – Being a TCU alum, Dutch’s is consistently a part of my diet. Whenever I travel (especially internationally) the first meal I want when I get back is Dutch’s. The great part about Dutch’s is that in their rennovations, they included a second floor to toss their hat in the top Fort Worth patios ring. Which makes this a prime location to get some beers and burgers while soaking up the sun with this beautiful weather.

Rodeo Goat – The outdoor area of Rodeo Goat is a great way to take in the nice weather. You have a full bar for the parents, great food, and then bar games for any kids that need to have a little more entertainment in their lives. This is another that is kind of like Woodshed that has created quite a name for itself so it can fill up quite quickly.

A Little Bit of Everything

HG Supply Co. – Located on the Trinity this bit of outdoor dining come with a waterfront view. You can get a full bar, some paleo friendly eating options, and bring your dog! Or you can just enjoy all of the other people that have brought their dog. We have gone to eat at this restaurant with our dog kona and we have made quite a few friends just by having our adorable pooch there.

Press Cafe – The original in the new Clearfork area, Press Cafe also boasts some trinity front property. Press Cafe has a little bit of everything and is also a super family friendly location where you can have children and a full selection of drinks for the parents. If you go early on the weekends you may be able to see the farmers market or yoga here as well!

Fancy Restaurant

The best outdoor seating is at rise. This souffle restaurant has outdoor seating available to take in the fresh air and is also a favorite of mine for the fall season. The souffles are incredible fall comfort food. Their specials during the fall months are beyond delicious.


Mutts – If you aren’t looking for Fort Worth Patios to serve you food but are more focused on drinking….AND bringing your canine companion, then Mutts is for you. This canine cantina is brand new in Fort Worth. Originally brought over from Dallas, this location has just opened in Fort Worth to a lot of hype. This weekend may be a little busy so you may want to wait for the next weekend but be sure to keep this one on your radar.

World of Beer – Located right off West 7th, this Fort Worth patio to support a ton of people coming out. Here you can get damn near any beer you want and get some pretty tasty food options. You can’t go wrong with World of Beer.


So there you have it Fort Worth! Get out there and eat it!

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