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Chef G’s and Sparkle Creations – Just get the catfish

Putting that title for a review makes me laugh a little bit. It kinda sounds like a 50s band. “Now welcome to the stage, Chef G’s and Sparkle Creations!” Crowd goes nuts and experiences some jazz solos that rock their world. That would be the same level of experience that would happen if this was a bad ass jazz band. But this is a food blog so you can probably guess what art form this occupies.

I had the pleasure of trying Chef G’s and Sparkle Creations food truck today. First off it’s hard to miss. If you are at a food truck park and you look around and see a normal lack of pink, then I’m sorry. Chef G’s and Sparkle Creations is not at your food truck park on that day. If you do see an all pink truck then you may be in luck. You might be able to have some incredible food from Chef G’s and Sparkle Creations.

Walking up to this truck I have to say that even if the food was terrible, I would probably go back just because everyone was so nice on the inside of the truck. If I didn’t know how warm it could get in those trucks (or how little space there is) I would happily pull up a chair and shoot the shit with them.

BUT this story has a happier ending than just friendly faces. I got the catfish bites and spoiler alerts, it was some of the best catfish I’ve ever had. It was flaky and juicy and the cornbread batter was crispy and seasoned. Most catfish you need vinegar or some sauce to go with it. I could eat that catfish by itself. It was incredible.

It also came as most fish and chips do with french fries which rivaled the flavors of the catfish. The french fries had a ton of seasoning on them that pushed them over the top to make one extremely satisfying meal.

After all of this, I just want to ask you Fort Worth to PLEASE find this truck and buy them out as often as possible. If you like fried catfish, you will not be disappointed. So there you have it Fort Worth! Get out there and eat it!