Twigs Bistro – More than Martinis

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twigs osso bucco Twigs is a new restaurant in the clear fork area that is here to make a name for itself. The name definitely lends itself to be more of a martini type bar which to be honest didn’t get me excited to go there. I’m not a martini fan but my wife is so I needed to have it on my radar. Lately, however, I haven’t even needed to watch out for that as my wife is pregnant and sadly isn’t able to have her usual martini. Despite that fact we decided to give Twigs a try.

I had a preconceived notion that Twigs was a martini bar that had a couple different items from there kitchen similar to a wine bar. Thankfully, I was wrong. Twigs is more of a restaurant than a martini bar. Their chef gets local ingredients for all of their dishes. This is serious stuff.

The hardest part about eating here is thumbing through all of the pages of their menu of things that sound delicious. You open it up and see about three appetizers that sound incredible. Then you flip to the next page and see a couple flat breads that sound incredible. Suddenly your stomach realizes that it only has so much potential room and you haven’t even reached the entrees.

For our meal, my wife and I got to try a couple of different things and fill our bellies full of happiness. We started out with a pear and roasted beat salad. Which shattered another preconceived notion of mine. I thought that beats suck. Turns out there are ways that they are delicious. The salad was refreshing with baby spring greens tossed with house-roasted red beets, gorgonzola crumbles, sliced pears, candied walnuts and a pear vinaigrette.

Then we settled in for our entree of a pork osso bucco. A slow cooked pork shank that was simmering to perfection. I am not normally a fan of osso bucco. The texture of the stewed meats isn’t my favorite, but this one was different. After slow cooking the shank, it is then flash fried to give it a slight crispiness. This gives a completely different taste to me and I highly recommend this.

To finish off all of this as if our stomach had room we had the homemade donuts. Now to be honest the donuts were good but I wont say they were the best. What made this dessert worth getting is  the three sauces that came with it. Imagine sauces made with apple Pucker, an irish cream, and amaretto. These sauces were incredible and the perfect dip for the donuts.

I definitely recommend heading to this restaurant to give it a try. Twigs Bistro is way more than martinis. So there you have it Fort Worth! Get out there and eat!

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