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Lilis Bistro – Sweet Sweet Doughnuts

lilis bistroLilis Bistro has been a long time favorite of mine in Fort Worth. It represents such a balance of what I expect from a restaurant. The restaurant decor itself has a lot of character while still being clean. The restaurant itself is a nicer restaurant that still maintains to have a laid back feel. My wife can order pasta and I can get an incredible burger. Consistently, Lilis Bistro just always hits it out of the park in my book.

One thing that I was absolutely terrible about trying from Lili’s Bistro was their dessert menu. Honestly, I blame them because I would never be able to have enough stomach space left for it because I eat too much of everything else. Luckily, this night my wife’s sweet tooth has a craving so we split an order of the Lili’s Doughnuts.

Holy hot damn. These doughnuts were incredible. The doughnuts come out looking decadent as all get out. The smell of the freshly made doughnuts and the wintery look as a result of being dusted with powdered sugar. The ice cream sitting next to the warm doughnuts slowly begins to melt.

For anyone who reads our other posts, you might remember that I recently started a diet. And now I am writing about doughnuts. The dinner was started with the best of intentions but diet be damned I was finishing my half of the dessert. It was just that good. I just cannot describe how delicious it was with the slight crunch on the outside with its own slight glaze due to the melted powdered sugar while maintaining a soft almost doughy sweet inside.

Yet again Lilis Bistro does not disappoint. Be sure to get out and try as much of their menu as possible! There you have it Fort Worth. Get out there and eat!