Wild Salsa – Flavor and Fun

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Wild Salsa

Located at the T of Throckmorton and 2nd St in downtown Fort Worth, Wild Salsa has quickly made a name for itself. You can usually find this restaurant fairly busy with a fun crowd out front, margarita in hand. You walk up to the restaurant with a sense of inclusion that more surrounds a neighbors backyard BBQ than going out to eat. This is one of the things that makes Wild Salsa stand out from other restaurants in my eyes. This restaurant has the X factor that will makes its customers feel welcome and want to keep coming back for more.

When you walk through the door to Wild Salsa, you immediately are met with a wall of tequila bottles that are back lit behind the hostess stand. This type of stand is translated by my family as “You will have a good time here.” After shaking away the distraction of the tequila wall we were seated immediately by a very nice hostess named Taylor. Due to her very welcoming nature and kind personality I felt it necessary to call her out as truly making the first extremely positive impression on us. Thank you Taylor.

The Margs

We sat down and ordered our margarita’s. The kick off to another week in the books. With every sip of the margarita, Wild Salsa helped us forget the stressful appointments, the employees that we had to deal with, and the projects that had to be left for next week. This margarita time was setting the mood to have fun and just enjoy some time with family.

Wild Salsa Tacos

Impressed by the margaritas, we went ahead to do a tour de force of their menu and taste multiple different tacos that they have to offer. We ordered 3 Al Pastor, 3 Arrachiera Steak, and 3 Chipotle Shrimp tacos with a side of guacamole and chips to help accompany the tacos. I say that as if the tacos were lonely or there was spare room on the table. But you gotta go big or go home and spoiler’s we didnt go home. So we went big.

To tide us over from taco’s we turned our attention to the salsa. Yes that’s right. THE Wild Salsa. Some might say that its the salsa that inspired the name of the restaurant. Other’s say it was a custom recipe that ended up being so good, the only way to truly honor was to give it the name of the restaurant. Ask your waiter about the full story when you go there. Aside from the back story, let me tell you that the salsa was incredible. The salsa has Texas Noonday onions in it which provide a nice balance of sweet to the heat of the habanero. All in all, the salsa was great and I ate way too much of it.

I also need to be honest with you readers. Please be understanding with the next part. I personally am not a fan of guacamole (Hides…..). Just guacamole in general. But my wife and my dad however are definitely guacamole fans and they spoke just as passionately (if not more so) about the guacamole being incredible than I did about the salsa.

The Tacos

By the time I was obsessed with the salsa, our tacos were ready to be devoured. and we rose to the challenge. My wife, my dad, and myself were ready. Forks left on the table (because its a taco) we dug in. We all got to try the many different options that we ordered. All tasted incredible and very fresh. Wild Salsa makes their food fresh every single day. The tacos were no different. The achiote citrus rubbed pork was outstanding in the Al pastor tacos. The tangy spicy flavor from slow cooking the meat was just permeating into every bite. Making delicious juices to blast your tongue tastes buds into their happy place.

Wild Salsa Tequila and Pineapple JuiceSince we were already full off of tacos and chips we decided to have a traditional Mexican dessert drink. Straight tequila with a chaser of pineapple juice. If you have never had this as a chaser, please trust this recommendation from my happy stomach to yours. Sip (don’t shoot) some good Tequila and pineapple juice to chase. Try a Herradura anejo or reposado and never look back. That is what we did at Wild Salsa and it was delicious.

Wild Salsa is definitely here to stay. The restaurant has a very fun atmosphere. I can pretty much guarantee that you will have a good time. Play some corn hole with a margarita in hand. And ladies, find a seat at the bar. The SWING bar. That one sentence should sway most ladies to go. Pun intended about SWAYING y’all to go. Thank you for reading Fort Worth!

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