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family friendly patio press cafeNow that it is no longer a new restaurant, Press Cafe has truly made its mark on Fort Worth. Located on the Trinity River, you can have an amazing meal with an amazing view by utilizing their massive space of outdoor seating. This is what really makes Press Cafe one of Fort Worth’s best Family Friendly Patio’s.

Lately it feels like the weather dial has ben tuned to perfect for Fort Worth. Aside from all the pollen in the air, you can’t beat staying outside. So what to do in this time of beautiful weather? Go enjoy it on a great patio. Press Cafe is where you can do that.

More than half of Press Cafe’s seating is outside. Because it is located at Clear Fork, you also get to experience a lot of interesting people watching depending on the day that you go. You could see the farmers market, you could see a big yoga class being held, or you could see horses being trained along the Trinity (including a tiny cowboy on a little pony). I know the last one seems oddly specific but thats because it is. That happened. Due to that happening I feel confident in posting this quote from the anonymous stranger sitting next to my wife and I at Press Cafe:

Only in Texas…”
-Anonymous Stranger-

After the excitement of the horse parade wore off, my wife and I continued to enjoy the weather. Her with her wine and me with my beer. We people watched the families playing in the park and the restaurant area. Both families with children as well as four legged babies. Ultimately we just took in the awesomeness of the season and did some hardcore relaxing.

While you are there, Press Cafe has some pretty great food options including a delicious burger. It can be a little bit small but its is incredibly tasty. Also I feel the need to give more info to the previous statement. For a six foot two, 235 pound male, the burger was small. My wife struggled to finish hers. So if you respect proper portion sizes you’re fine. If you grew up on the everything is bigger in Texas idea of portion sizes, it’s a bit small. I will also warn that with this burger, if you ask for medium rare, it tends to come out a little bit more rare than most desire.

At Press Cafe you can find a truly family friendly Patio for whatever makes up your family. If its just you, your spouse, your kids, or your dogs, all are welcome for a fun time at Press Cafe.

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