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Fort Worth BYOBIt’s the beginning of the year and like everyone else I have been busy making New Year’s resolutions. I have essentially decided that I want to do the two most stereotypical ones (cue the basic B comments). In 2017 I want to eat better in order to lose weight and I want to practice better financial saving habits. The second one is where this post comes in handy for me and I hope for you. Here I will put my favorite Fort Worth BYOB restaurants because let’s face it, that’s the part of the bill that really adds up. Lets begin!


Flying Carpet

This is probably the most popular restaurant recommendation among my friends. No one ever knows that this one exists and people end up loving it. Flying carpet is an incredible and authentic Turkish cafe. They have a ton of dishes that I had never heard of before and had no idea I had been longing for. I warn you that once you try this place, you will crave it. It makes it very nice on top of that to enjoy your own booze. Usually my wife and I bring a bottle of wine to the Flying Carpet but I can see beer pairing decently with the food here as well.


Thai Charm

This is my favorite Thai food in Fort Worth. You really won’t get any better than this place. You get your usual dishes as well as super traditional dishes. For the truly adventurous I recommend having their Boat Noodles. It’s for the adventurous because the broth for the noodles has a blood base. Perfectly safe but tends to throw people off. With Thai food it is good to note that a nice light beer or wheat beer pairs well. If you bring wine, it’s recommended to have white because of how the red pairing affects the flavor of the food. Nothing negative, but a red wine really brings out the spice so if you order a 3 be prepared for the fire of a 4 or 5 spice level.


Thailicious is another great Fort Worth BYOB Thai restaurant that allows their customers to bring in their own beverages. When ordering form this place I highly recommend giving their Tom Kha soup a try. Especially if it’s cold outside. That stuff is incredible. Since this is Thai food, beware of red wine pairings and then you are a safe bet with white wine or beer.


This is probably the most common of the BYOB categories of restaurants. In this category, I have three options

Nonna Tatta

This super small italian restaurant on Magnolia is absolutely incredible. It will be as close to authentic Italian food as you will find in Fort Worth. So authentic that they actually accept euros as payment because the owners take a vacation about once a year to go to Europe and just learn new recipes. On top of this it’s BYOB! The one interesting thing about this BYOB is that if you just bring wine you will be charged a rental fee for glasses. So with this one be sure to grab a couple spare glasses with that bottle of wine (it’s italian food so the proper pairing is wine).


Bella’s italian food has a little bit of everything from pasta to chicken parm to pizza. This is one of my favorites for my second new years resolution because this restaurant is not only tasty but also extremely affordable on top of being BYOB PLUS no glass fee! Again italian food so you can bring beer but wine is what goes with it.

Mama Mia

The last on the list because this is my least favorite out of the three taste wise. They are very similar to Bella’s in terms of the variety that they offer. Mama Mia isn’t bad but just not as good as the other two and in order to be more comprehensive it’s on the list.


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