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Where is The Best Sushi Roll in Fort Worth?

sushi rollAhh sushi. In my mind its the food that everyone loves to hate and then they try it. Once they try it instead of just making an assumption, they realize its absolutely incredible. Granted I might have a small sample set of only one to make this claim because this is my story whenever it comes to giving a sushi roll a try for the first time. The main thing is that I know its delicious now. So here’s where I like to go for my raw fish fix!


Located in downtown Fort Worth, this restaurant can serve you whatever you want sushi wise. They have INCREDIBLY fresh fish for those who love sashimi but they also have anything you might want for those who prefer a sushi roll. The main thing is that this is true authentic sushi. Not the overly fried stuff that you get from other restaurants. My wife and I like to get the sushi and sashimi dinner here because we are adorable and share our food here. Also because I tend to eat sushi significantly slower than any other food so it’s possible to do that.

Shinjuku Station

I go back and forth on which is my favorite sushi restaurant between Piranha and Shinjuku. They are both so good. What’s awesome about shinjuku is that you get some interesting options that you wouldn’t get anywhere else. The seared baby octopus here is incredible, they have a roll with candied jalapenos, and if you entrust the chefs you can tell them what flavors you like and go with their recommendations. It really becomes interesting when they accept this responsibility for your meal and you just get what they serve. Nine times out of ten, you will be incredibly happy with what you are served and may even get a new roll that they chef is testing! Makes for a very fun experience!

Sushi Axciom

I know that this is a chain and usually people come here for non chain recommendations, but I have been incredibly impressed with the quality of meat from the West 7th Sushi Axciom location recently. So I will just keep it to this little blurb to give it a try because I’m not here to waste your time.

BLUE Sushi

BLUE is that sushi restaurant that makes you feel like you are at a night club. Or the sushi restaurant where you can catch up on your favorite martial arts movies. Or just see martial arts movies for the first time. Ultimately this place is good and you go there more for the atmosphere than anything else. You will definitely have your pick of whichever sushi roll fits your taste that night! Although it is tough to find a spot, BLUE has incredible happy hour deals that I recommend you hit up.

There you have it Fort Worth! Get out there and eat!