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Cooper’s BBQ – BBQ in the Stockyards

Cooper's BBQBeing from Texas I am a big fan of BBQ. I live and breathe for great BBQ. Upon visiting Cooper’s, I stepped out of my truck to go in and was greeted by one of the greatest smells known to man, BBQ smoke. It smelled delicious to say the least. I went in the entrance and was welcomed by a truly friendly face who asked me what I wanted and opened up the huge smoker that was keeping all the meat nice and hot. Another sign that this was going to be a great place came shortly after that in the form a simple question. Whenever I chose the meat that I wanted the worker asked me “Would you like that dunked?”

Yes. You always want that dunked.

Upon saying yes, he would plunge my meat into a large pot of BBQ sauce that was sitting in the smoker with all the rest of the meat. Awesome. That meat is then put onto a red tray along with any other meat that you wish to buy and you proceed to the next station. Here you can pick up sides for your baked potato if you bought one, or my favorite, cobblers.

After choosing your sides and paying you sit down at a table to eat your food. Each table had the usual napkins, salt and pepper, etc. but here they also each have a large jar of jalapeno peppers. A nice addition for those of us who like a little bit of spice in our food. In the dining area are also stations where you can fill up your drinks, get hot BBQ sauce, beans, and bread. After visiting one of these stations it was time to sit down for my meal. One more sign of a great BBQ restaurant, no plates. All that was available for plates are strips of butcher paper. Another point Cooper’s.

Now on to the food; the meat was great. The brisket broke apart when I stabbed it with my fork and tried to pull it. This is a trademark sign of great brisket. I also had the boneless pork chop that was extremely tender and juicy. Pork chop is not what I usually have when I get BBQ, but a worker at Coopers recommended it to me so I tried it and I am very glad I did. It was a nice twist out of my usual routine when I go to BBQ places.

My favorite meat although was the sausage. It was delicious. Juicy, plump, and not awkwardly soft like some sausages. I taste tested everything that I had but once I got to the sausage I couldn’t help but scarf down every bit that I had of it right away. A little dip in the sauce made it even better than it already was and before I knew it, my entire half link was gone.

The second best part of the meal came with dessert. The peach cobbler was out of this world. It was sweet, but that didn’t over power the tart from the peach slices that were in it. There was also a good amount of crust in it as opposed to just the innards of the cobbler. Any cobbler fan needs to go and try this cobbler out.

With the amazing meat, dessert, and overall Texas BBQ atmosphere, Cooper’s is definitely up in the running for Fort Worth’s best BBQ. Great food, amazing meat, good God let’s go eat.