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BLUE Sushi – Sushi with a club feel

BLUE SushiBLUE Sushi is more than just a great taste, it’s an experience! When you go to BLUE, you are definitely going for the modern feel that comes with the food. This is shown fromt he large saltwater aquarium that is above the bar all the way into the food.

At BLUE, I have a two favorites that really stand out. Mostly because they aren’t sushi. But they are:
The River Rock Steak
The BLUE Balls

The River Rock Steak is by far the most entertaining of the two. This appetizer is as much a show as it is food. In order to make River Rock steak, BLUE heat up some flat rocks and then places them on a plate. On top of each rock is placed a small piece of marinated beef that begins cooking on top of the rocks. When it is delivered to your table, the steaks are sizzling and it is up to you as the customer to either take them off or leave them on for longer. Whichever you choose is based on your own choice of if you like your meat well done or a little rarer. Overall, it is just a fun dish!

The BLUE balls are a more on the boring side compared to the River Rock steak, but they are tasty and have a funny name. The BLUE balls are fried balls that are filled with crab. They are very good, but sadly overlooked a lot because people just laugh at the name and never try them. This is my advice, enjoy a good laugh because of the name, and then order them!

In addition to these two appetizers, BLUE has many different sushi rolls to offer for entrees, but those are very much up to the taste of the restaurant goer. If you can’t decide what you want, ask your waitress. The staff at this restaurant has excellent suggestions and knows the menu very well!

If you order enough or simple choose to ask for it you might get the sushi boat. You can see this on the feature image for this review. A little wooden boat comes out from the kitchen with dry ice beneath it that make it look like the ghost of Christmas future is coming to your table to dine with you. Definitely ups the pizazz factor for the restaurant.

Go for the food, stay for the environment. Just remember to bring a good chunk of change, because like many sushi restaurants this place is not cheap.