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thai restaurant fort worthI am all about Thai food. I love a good pad thai or curry. In Fort Worth, I have two main places that I go.

Thai Charm
If you are looking for the best Thai restaurant Fort Worth has to offer then go here. This restaurant is incredibly authentic, clean, and has extremely friendly staff. I tend to go to thai restaurants and always get the same thing, which is Khao Soi (also spelled Kao Soy). Let me tell you, I have tried almost every Thai restaurant Fort Worth has to offer and this place has the best Khao Soi and just the best food. They Are the only restaurant that I have seen serve Thai Boat Noodles. This is a very authentic dish that tends to scare people away because it has at its base a blood broth. If you can get over it, give this a try and you wont be disappointed. It is full of flavor. Another great point about this is that this restaurant is BYOB which helps to make it affordable. This is on the list first, because in my mind it is the clear winner.

This place is delicious. It has everything that you could possibly want. Pad thai, drunken noodles, pretty much the works. You will not be disappointed with any choice. But if you want my opinion (which since you are reading this I assume that in some way you do) go for the Kao Soy.

Its a coconut noodle dish with chicken pieces. Enjoy the noodles and chicken and then once you are done with it, enjoy the broth. Then I will expect a postcard from heaven. Im a sucker for coconut milk and curry broth and this restaurant goes above and beyond.

If you go here and some how find yourself with room in your stomach, you can always order something off the menu. ORRRRR you can use my recommendation and utilize the Central Market that is in the same shopping center. Go there and get some nice chocolate, bottle of wine, or even a growler of beer (my personal preference).

This is the new kid in town. And luckily its living up to the snuff. If you like thai food, I recommend that you make the trip over to the magnolia area and check out this new restaurant.

It has some great food and honestly a great lunch menu. If you work around magnolia or even around the downtown Fort Worth area, this is a great place for you to grab some quick and affordable grub.

I have been to this place multiple times and have yet to be disappointed. I have gotten different dishes from soups to curries to pad thai. It is literally all good. I understand your frustration that you may want more information, but ultimately its is just fantastic and I’m hoping that you will go based on this review.

To go along with the previous review that added in a dessert review, after SPICE you should stop by the ice cream shop MELT. Two short names for food places but big on flavor. MELT makes homemade ice cream that will rock your world. Homemade chocolate ice cream and also ice cream that uses rosemary! Sounds weird but its oddly refreshing.

If you love Thai, go give these two places a try. Then post your pictures to the Fort Worth Eats facebook page and let us know what you think!

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